Sunday, 25 November 2012

Review: Partials by Dan Wells

Partials by Dan Wells 

Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: March 29th 2012
Cover Love: 8/10

The only hope for humanity isn’t human. In a world where people have been all but wiped out by a virus created by part-human cyborgs called ‘Partials’, and where no baby survives longer than three days, a teenage girl makes it her mission to find a cure, and save her best friend’s unborn child. But finding a cure means capturing a Partial…

My Review:

This is only going to be a short review because I read the book a while ago, but made notes on what I liked and didn't like. It’s tricky for me because Partials was a bit slow for me at first. It took at least 100 pages to truly get my teeth into it. It’s a very heavy book, jam packed full of information, so it’s a lot to take in. You have to be concentrating when reading it, so you don’t miss anything crucial and have to go back. It includes a lot of thought process from the characters, so there is a lot of internal dialogue and it’s very scientific with its terms.

Partials reminded me of The Handmaid’s Tale with a splash of I, Robot. I’m excited to find out what happens in the second one ‘Fragments’ which is due out next year (2013), because there’s a lot of room to explore things that happen in further detail.

It felt very much like a war novel, and while that may put some people off, believe me it worked. It wasn't what I expected at all; there isn't much romance in it, but a ton load of action! So if you want a book that’s more action than gushy romance, then this is your book.

Partials is also written in 3rd person, which is admittedly not my favourite, so it was hard to relate to Kira at times. The characters were great to read about, they all fitted in well and had their own part to tell, but they were just okay, not brilliant. The latter half of the book was much better than the first half in my opinion.
Partials is a great books, with a unique idea and I would definitely read the next one! 

3 out of 5 stars.

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